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Steering the change

The word SYMA® stands for Systemic Management and is a one-week experience seminar.
The learning experience results from the experience of a transformation process of an organization – from hierarchical to network organization. One transformation year equals one seminar day simulating all the ups and downs of a change process. As change experts, our trainers give valuable methodological impulses for a pragmatic application in everyday life.

SYMA® B puts you into the role of an observer, but who also gets the chance to actually intervene. To reflect what those interventions result in, will be part of your learning experience. SYMA® B is part of our Change Manager Training Program and can only be done after SYMA® A participation.

Target audience

  • Former SYMA® A participants
  • Executives and project managers from all industries
  • Change Managers
  • Top/Middle Management


  • Train the management perspective, focusing even more on the organization as a whole
  • More profound perception and control of your own behavior and its impact
  • Intense reflection of your personal experiences using our systemic method

Time frame

  • 5 days