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Master complexity

The word SYMA® stands for Systemic Management and is a one-week experience seminar.
The learning experience results from the experience of a transformation process of an organization – from hierarchical to network organization. One transformation year equals one seminar day simulating all the ups and downs of a change process.
As change experts, our trainers give valuable methodological impulses for a pragmatic application in everyday life.

SYMA® A gives you the opportunity to reflect your own role within a change and enables you to master complexity more efficiently. SYMA® A is part of our Change Manager Training Program, but at the same time a stand-alone training.

Target audience

  • Executives and project managers from all industries
  • Prospective and established consultants or change managers
  • Young executives
  • Organizational developers


  • Better understanding of organizations as open, complex and
    interconnected systems
  • Better understanding of your own role in such systems and
    trying out unfamiliar roles
  • Perceiving and controlling one‘s own behavior in change
    processes and its impact
  • Feeling more confident when dealing with complex problems
    and related work and management situations

Time frame

  • 5 days