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Diagnosis and Redesign

Tools of Change Management

The training Diagnosis and Redesign offers you a deep dive into the OSTO System Model focusing on the diagnosis of why organizations behave in a certain way and which strategies and (hidden) goals influence the outcome. In addition, you will learn how to break out of repeated patterns by adjusting surprisingly small elements within your organization.

Diagnosis and Redesign is part of our Change Manager Training Program, but at the same time a stand-alone training.

Target audience

  • Change Managers
  • Executives and project managers from all industries
  • Consultants
  • Organizational developers


  • Learning about and using different ways of collecting relevant information of an organization
  • Experiencing and recognizing behavioral patterns of complex organizations
  • Learning about and using a systemic model to diagnose complex organizations and problems
  • Understanding how organizations work and which specific steps you can take to design the organization

Time frame

  • 2.5 days