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Agile Experience

Agile Experience Format

Do you have the necessary skills to succeed in an agile environment with new, non-classical hierarchies?

The ability to deal with complexity, a no-blame culture, the intention to produce results and constant readiness make agile working environments attractive. The challenge is to develop this world such that it serves management and teams.

umlaut will set you up to meet exactly these challenges in an intensive learning experience, working together with you to develop codes of conduct, ways to improve communication and consequently achieve success in your agile environment.

Target audience

  • Mixed teams with and without experience in agile work
  • Managers who face agile transformation processes
  • Organizational developers that want to know more about agile working methods and introduce them in their organization


  • Create consciousness for your own and the organizational agility and make use of it
  • Experience and understand agility in an experimental setting
  • Develop codes of conduct and communication for the specific needs of your organization

Time frame

  • Flexible, corresponding to your needs

Write us if you are interested.