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2020/09/18 – Get out of routines: How a new currency for mobility can change our behavior

Berlin/Hamburg, 2020/09/18 – 69 percent of people living in the ten largest cities do not change their usual means of transport at all or rarely change their everyday routes, according to a survey by the research institute Civey on behalf of the initiative "THE GOOD TURN", which was founded today. A total of 79 percent on average only uses one or two different means of transport per week. As the popularity and mobility of their residents and commuters increases, cities are reaching the limits of their capacity. New mobility offerings are not the problem though, as there are numerous new mobility services in the cities – the problem it is our behaviour. Intermodality, i.e. switching from one mode of transport to another and then to the next, is still not practiced enough.

This is what the initiative "THE GOOD TURN" (TGT), founded today by the companies fischerAppelt, Philipp and Keuntje as well as umlaut, wants to change. Quieter, cleaner, better mobility is the goal. At the heart of the initiative: a new currency for the status quo of mobility in cities in the form of an index into which different mobility data flows on a daily basis and even in real time in the future. The unique "THE GOOD TURN" index is planned to be available as an app. Just like checking the weather in the morning when leaving home, the TGT index is intended to encourage people to change their mobility behaviour – by taking the "good turn". With additional campaigns and offers from partners, the change to new means of transport should succeed.

A first plausibility check of various data on which the index is based will be presented at the GREENTECH FESTIVAL on September 18th in Berlin, where launch celebrations will be held to which we happily invite you. With a simulation of the Index, the initiators explain how a single figure is supposed to help city residents choose a mode of transport other than the one they normally use.

"Whereas in the past, horsepower and km/h were the measure of all things, today it's all about reaching your destinations in the city comfortably, cleanly and without stress. With the index of THE GOOD TURN, we connect current traffic flow, environmental data, human perception with the use of green mobility such as public transport, electric cars or bicycles", Matthias Wesselmann, member of the board at fischerAppelt and initiator of "THE GOOD TURN", explains. This also achieves more sustainability, as climate-friendly means of transport drive the index upwards.

"With the mobility turnaround, supply does not yet determine demand. We want to build a broad alliance with TGT that motivates people to move around the city cleaner, quieter and smarter," adds Jörg Becke, Executive Client Service Director at Philipp and Keuntje and co-initiator of the project.

"An index of this kind is unique so far. Until now, only individual data points such as satisfaction or air quality have been reported. We, on the other hand, want to base everything on a figure that gives guidance and combines various factors that are important for the feeling of mobility in a city. The core of the index are anonymized motion data from our Mobile Panel, which we combine with external public data as well as data from our partners," says Christof Horn, CEO Automotive & Transformation of umlaut, a group of consulting and engineering companies and co-initiator of TGT.

Current partners and supporters of the initiative are highly divers: ITS Hamburg 2021 Weltkongressgesellschaft, responsible for the realization of the largest global event for intelligent transportation systems, which will take place in Hamburg in October 2021, is part of the initiative, along with GREENTECH FESTIVAL. The leading German outdoor advertiser Ströer, HERE Technologies, a leading platform for location-based data and technology, the Start-up &Charge, a loyalty program that rewards kilometers, are also part of the initiative. RWTH Aachen University and Fresenius University will provide scientific support for the initiative. Surveys on the behaviour of road users during the project will be conducted by the research institute Civey. TAXi-AD is supporting the project with media services and MOIA, a VW subsidiary for ridesharing, is also interested in a partnership.

TGT is looking forward to further partners and calls upon cities that also want to offer an index for their residents to become members of TGT. The first major goal of TGT is a working prototype for Hamburg and Berlin, which will be presented at the ITS World Congress in October 2021 in Hamburg, the world's largest congress for intelligent transportation systems.

With the idealistic goal of making cities cleaner, quieter and less stressful, THEGOODTURN dedicates itself to a basic requirement for a functioning mobility turnaround: the behaviour change on a broad scale. With an interdisciplinary alliance of economy, politics and society the sensitization for our mobility behaviour is promoted on different levels and fields of action and motivated with impulses to move cleaner, quieter and better through our cities.
At the heart of the initiative is an index that breaks down the complexity of our urban mobility into a number. From this index, recommendations for the use of various mobility services are derived, based on the so-called modal split, the current traffic flow, environmental data and the use of sustainable services. "THE GOOD TURN" was founded by the advertising agency Philipp and Keuntje, the fischerAppelt Group and the consulting and engineering company umlaut.

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The creative agency Philipp and Keuntje – PUK – was founded in January 1999 in a former community center in St. Pauli and is now located in the former Freeport Office in Speicherstadt. PUK has been part of the fischerAppelt Group since March 2019. Currently, about 220 employees in Hamburg, Berlin and Ingolstadt work for their customers. Besides the founding customers Audi and Astra, the Federal Ministry of the Interior and brands such as Coral, Vaillant, NEFF, Deutsche Bank, DAK-Gesundheit, Kühne, Holsten, Duckstein, Lübzer, T-Systems, J.J.DARBOVEN, Jägermeister, Fuchs, Ostmann, Bosch, MOIA, NYDA, Sylt, LOTTO, DAS FUTTERHAUS and SunExpress belong to the customer base of PUK.

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