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Refueling Automated and Autonomous Trucks - Challenges and Opportunities

As multiple companies continue to make progress on developing and testing autonomous trucks, many challenges remain to be overcome, and not all of them are strictly technology limitations. In this umlaut white paper, we take an in-depth look at how refueling will need to be planned and handled for autonomous trucks to be successful.

Gas station operators need solutions in automation, payment, determination of locations and minimization of operation costs.

Truck fleet operators will need to optimize fleet effectiveness and return on investment. As well as finding new business models, partnerships with fuel stations and optimization of routes for autonomous trucks.

And finally the manufacturers will have to consider design challenges, new market demands and the altered use of trucks in the future.

Our team of experts is heavily involved in the development, planning, and strategic implications of heavy duty electric and autonomous trucks. We have developed multiple models for optimizing placement, infrastructure, and implementation of autonomous-ready fuel stops over a spectrum of future scenarios.

Read the full white paper of our umlaut experts Michael D’Orazio, Cornelius Bittersohl, Max Rasovsky and Raul Kraus and get in contact.

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