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P3 group AG becomes umlaut

2019/10/25 – P3 group AG will change its brand to umlaut

AACHEN; October 25, 2019 — P3 group AG, the global consulting and engineering organisation will change its brand to umlaut, effective today.

The P3 group AG initially emerged from the P3 group, which over two decades grew from a small local spin-off into a global network with thousands of highly specialised consultants and experts serving all industries. The inspiration for the new name comes from a diacritical mark that changes a regular vowel into a special one, changing its focus, quality and accentuation. Lars Karsten, Chief People & Brand Officer (CPO), explains the connection: “As umlaut, we change industrial and organisational advisory and fulfilment services from regular to special. Our special mark is that we help clients all over the world to change the quality, focus and accentuation of their technological capabilities and organisational culture – for the better. With our new brand and its identity, we feel we have succeeded in creating a literal and visual embodiment of our unique benefit for the customer.”

“For a while we have wished for a new brand that reflects the value we add to our clients’ organisations, service and products, and the value we attach to their highest possible satisfaction all the way through the process, from one end to the other”, states Lars Karsten. “The desire for a new brand capable of doing so grew increasingly. While a group of colleagues will remain P3, 4,300 of us are now realising our desire.”

In re-branding and uniting more than 20 specialised companies under one global brand, umlaut is also responding to their clients’ wish for more cross-industry collaboration and a stronger interconnection of processes and products. Karsten is also confident the company has found a mark worthy of its positioning and performance, and that it will serve them well in realising their vision of a company of more togetherness, collaboration and growth.

About umlaut

umlaut is a global, full-service, cross-industry, end-to-end company that offers advisory and fulfilment services to clients all over the world. In-depth domain expertise, broad practical knowledge and interdisciplinary collaboration allow them to add value, quality and focus to their clients’ organisations, services and products, in disruptive times in which industries are increasingly converging.

Within an able and agile collective of 20 consultancies and engineering firms spread across 50 locations all over the world, 4,300 specialised experts and engineers provide innovative solutions and transformations across all industries and their various intersections as well as serving the public sector and developing organisational cultures, structures and processes.

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