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Next level user experience

Testing and validating the mobility of tomorrow.

User experience is one of today’s most important yet, at the same time, most difficult to measure benefits in product development. As a customer, you want the product you buy to run smoothly and without problems. But there is a further dimension: In the automotive sector for instance, thanks to numerous apps, vehicles have been transformed into companions who know our preferences and interests and make every mile a treat.

Put to the test.

To ensure the best user experience, products need to be tested sufficiently during their development phase. Recent developments in digitization have made this a real challenge, especially for complex technical products such as cars, mobile phones, airplanes, etc. as every new product generation brings an exponential increase in features with it, such as head-up displays or blind spot alerts.

Accordingly, the lines of code in modern cars increase by a factor of 15 every five years. Additionally, cars have more and more interfaces e.g. to backends, mobile phones, etc. Consequences of these trends are a rise in complexity in the integration of software in all stages of the value chain as well as an increase in demands in securing the functionality of software, i.e. testing.

infotainment testing at umlaut

One of a kind.

One striking example is the MBUX multimedia system launched in 2018. Never seen before functions, such as cloud connected artificial intelligence, had to be put to the acid test. Over many years umlaut has gained a deep expertise in testing and validating complex products. Our technical knowhow, our conceptual capabilities and our agility have made us a valued partner of major industry players.

umlaut found, that the multitude of use cases of the MBUX that had to be validated could no longer be handled in a conventional fashion. To face these challenges, test and validation concepts with an intelligent combination of test and integration steps, from a basic module up to the complete product, had to be put in place – going hand in hand with the development process. Striving for efficiency, we set up a maximum of simulation technologies and test automation.

Let us infotain you.

The outcome was the flawless development of a brand-new infotainment system in which we were significantly involved, bringing our characteristic out-of-the-box thinking and engineering expertise to the table.

Job done: an impeccable user experience for the mobility of today.