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More data, less cost: Best practice for Amazon Web Services

How to keep pace with the time in your digital infrastructure, recreate your own business and let your customers benefit.

We are an expert at collecting and processing data as it is needed for the connectivity testing of millions of customers every month. More than 100 million devices are delivering tons of data every day. All this data needs to be stored somehow – and because “somehow” is never good enough, we constantly renew our infrastructure to meet the growing requirements.

Our current solution is based on the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). The switch allowed us to grow our daily data transfer immensely - we can now process and store multiple terabytes of data every day. Which allowed us to push the limits by growing our user base by almost 6,000 percent, from 100,000 users to several millions. The whole setup works so well that Amazon itself named us as a reference partner.

And it also saves money: For reducing costs, we decided to use Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive to store data that was not needed for long periods of time. Right now, we have a petabyte of data in S3 Glacier Deep Archive and it is growing daily as less-used data is transitioned to the archive after several days.

The new storage management saves us 30 percent of storage costs and also benefits the IT team as it can focus more on developer applications instead of managing storage infrastructure. Which ultimately enhances the customer experience – and gives us more time for important work.

Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication at umlaut: “Using our crowdsourced data, we can do deep dive analyses across all industries using our knowledge in data analysis and using the advantage of the cloud. For example, we are helping to mastering the challenges by COVID-19. We have analysed the mobility patterns of the virus as well as if the digital infrastructure is ready for working from home.”

Curious? We are constantly developing further and always use the latest technologies to deliver something on töp. Just as we master challenges internally, we also support you to master your challenges.

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