First cross-border eMobility benchmark DACH

Good marks for most providers - with room for improvement.

Aachen, 2020/10/30 – The triumphant march of electric mobility is accelerating. This makes the test results of our latest eMobility benchmark together with connect even more pleasing - for the first time across the borders of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

EnBW, Maingau, Shell, MOVE and Swisscharge show convincing performances as EMPs, IONITY convinced in all three countries with the best charging experience. EnBW and Fastned in Germany, Da emobil and Kelag in Austria and GoFast and MOVE in Switzerland also delivered good performances. With small decrements, this also applies to the other tested CPO candidates, each of which performed "satisfactorily".

Similar to mobile communications, there are network operators (Charge Point Operators, CPOs for short) - the actual operators of the charging points - and Service Providers (Electro Mobility Providers, EMPs) who provide apps and billing platforms. However, some providers also fulfill both roles and were therefore considered by us in both categories.

For the evaluation, test teams made trips through Germany, Austria and Switzerland, visiting between three and five sites of each CPO evaluated. As far as possible, registration and billing were carried out via the tested EMPs. During the loading process, the testers filled out comprehensive protocols on the conditions on site, the loading process and any errors that occurred. In addition, they contacted the hotlines of the providers during loading to test the service quality.

The nationwide distribution of charging stations and the user-friendliness of the charging process are indispensable prerequisites for the implementation of eMobility. Reason enough to test them accordingly.

Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication at umlaut: ”By extending our eMobility charging benchmark to Switzerland and Austria, we are taking into account that eMobility also crosses borders. We see clear differences between the providers, but I am happy that we already have seen first improvements compared to our previous test."

Please find the full German report below.
The entire English report will be available soon.

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