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Corhelper Better emergency care from the start

Collaborating to save more lives.

When an emergency occurs, every minute counts. However, the time it takes for an ambulance or an emergency doctor to arrive depends on many external factors, like the actual number of emergency calls and missions being currently undertaken. umlaut joined forces with Corpuls (GS Elektromedizinische Geräte G. Stemple GmbH, in Germany) to develop a lifesaving app that can significantly speed up first aid in an emergency - Corhelper.

Next level emergency response.

Corhelper is an international emergency alert system for life-savers. Via the app-based first-aider system, the control centre in charge can notify the qualified first-aiders located within the immediate vicinity of a time-critical emergency. An additional web-based platform enables the efficient management of alert categories (number of aiders, appropriate qualifications, etc.) as well as an in-depth user management of the Corhelper community.

corhelper app

What makes this system unique is its technical performance: where other applications stop, ours is only just warming up. umlaut takes life-saving technology to the next level by realizing cross-regional and system-independent alarms. It enables various municipalities to collaborate and identify professional life-savers from specific regions to be notified in an emergency.

Every second counts.

As an example, in case of a stroke, namely a cardiovascular arrest, the control centre in charge alerts all life-savers within a radius of several municipalities, regardless of which rescue application they use. This is crucial in a situation where every second counts and CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) has to be performed.

Registered first aiders are alerted at the same time as the expected professional rescue services and the application helps them to implement life-saving measures. The app combines the functions of GPS positioning as well as manual or automatic alerts with telemedical support during resuscitation - thus bridging the vital time until the professional rescue services arrive.