rapid prototyping


Rapid prototyping and custom solutions are staples of innovation and progress.

Our teams at umlaut have combined their decades of experience with specialized tools to help provide our clients with prototypes that range from very early concepts to demonstrable and functional showcase displays. We understand that speed, cost, function, and appearance are all aspects that pull on each other. Our teams ensure that the best mix of all are achieved when providing solutions for you.

Concepts and demos

With the state of technology constantly evolving and advancing many companies find themselves with creative and innovative ideas that get pushed aside due to resource limitations. The prototyping team works with your team to alleviate the restrictions on labor, materials, time, and costs by offering solutions to many hurdles that are present in the industry. Tools, experience, and time are often the determining factors on whether a concept becomes a reality or not. umlaut prototyping teams ensure that you are provided with each of these while taking your budget into account.

  • Expo/showcase displays and booths (CES, NAIAS etc.)
  • Internal demonstrations and customer clinic solutions
  • Concept technology and in-vehicle displays
  • Pre-prototype sensor sourcing and mount design


The multiple innovation and engineering offices of umlaut contain different equipment and capabilities that allow us to design, prototype, and build custom solutions. Some of the equipment is industry standard while others are custom or modified solutions by umlaut.

  • CNC machining for various materials
  • 3D modeling, rendering, and design to print
  • Plastic forming and molding
  • Electrical/electronic assemblies from microcontrollers to high-voltage applications
  • Wiring processing and crimping machines

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