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Halon-free fire extinguisher

Halon Alternative Fire Extinguisher

Since the 1960’s was widely used in handheld portable fire extinguishers in aviation. Upon the identification of Halon as a CFC gas and its condemnation in the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer, the production of Halon was ceased in most countries in 1994. Today, its use has now largely been restricted or banned for all but “critical applications” such as aviation, military, and police use, but these are now subject to phase out deadlines, as well. Thus, new halon-free products are required due to upcoming changes in regulation (EASA & ICAO) with cut-off dates for newly built large aircraft from 31.12.2018 onwards and for all large aircraft in operation from 31.12.2025 on.

Product overview


  • Have retrofit and crew training completed in time before regulation change (EASA & ICAO)
  • Easy retrofit: The umlaut solution is a drop-in replacement since it uses the existing attachment points of typical halon extinguishers on all civil aircraft types
  • Scheduled ordering and payment possible
  • We offer you the best price on the market today!

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