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Workflow Management Tööl

Meet WMT, which allows users to fully customise, configure and manage workflows based on their work template specifications.

Often, organizations count multiple redundant and unnecessary tasks that are executed on a day to day basis. This leads to duplication of human effort and wasting precious time. Moreover, organizations may have multiple and intricate processes, and to document the data for each process can be a cumbersome task and difficult to manage. Also, various formats and information sources hinder the supervisors to interpret data, and subsequently plan accordingly.

The integrity of the data is compromised due to paper-based quality checks. Product recalls are a direct consequence of poor data management practices.

The 3 main problems faced in data management are:

  • Usually, data from the paperwork is manually fed into Excel sheets in order to run reports, which is likely to lead to errors.
  • Difficulties in finding the right information and papers during quality audits can lead to complications.
  • Difficulties in generating reports frequently, which can subsequently lead to complications in tracking data and managing delivery.

How WMT helps to manage workflows

WMT is a tool that optimizes an organization’s business processes through automation. It manages production in terms of monitoring the workorder level from creation to delivery. The tool has a dynamic process flow that can be customized as per the project requirements. WMT is customizable to any process within the organization and provides real-time tracking of any product/service within the workflow. It is useful to management, in terms of extracting individual KPIs (RFT & WFT), and QSIs (R, E, I, S error codes) to manage the team.

In detail, the tool maps all team members to the workflow so improves the process and offers a dashboard for supervisors to that they are aware of the tasks that need to be completed and when, thereby improving productivity. It integrates different information to analyse the workflow, allowing deviances to be identified. Also, WMT ensures quicker collection and regular entry of data, and at the occurrence of an issue, the management team is alerted. The reports generated by this tool allow to promptly identify and rectify mistakes. In addition, WMT has a customizable template for any process. This tool applies to all industries and can cater to all workflow requirements.

The real-time tracking gives users a way to be clear and see exactly what is happening and what needs to be done in the future. This visibility is essential to keep the day-to-day operations running smoothly. This feature also assists in proactive decision making with regards to any discrepancies that may arise.

The improvement for the user

  1. Cost reduction
    Since every process is mapped in the workflow management tool, everyone in the team is aware of what they need to do and who is responsible for each step in the process. This helps in reducing costs, as a result of, lesser turnaround time and minimizes human errors.
  2. Enhanced Accountability
    WMT facilitates the accountability of team members by providing the option to define the task and goal of each team member.
  3. Seamless collaboration
    WMT is a platform where different teams can collaborate efficiently and work effectively with the help of automated workflows, alerts and notifications.
  4. Improved processes
    The reports generated from this tool help in identifying deviances, irregularities, and show areas which are lacking in efficiency. Taking proper action against such inconsistencies can lead to better KPIs.

Features of WMT

  • Real-time tracking to identify as to which stage in the process is the product/service currently positioned.
  • Quality Management by extracting individual KPIs (RFT & WFT), and QSIs (R, E, I, S error codes) to manage the team.
  • Integration with Email application for notifications regarding process flow, reports, alerts, dates management, delivery management, priority management, etc.
  • Iteration record in graphical/tabular format for managing delivery dates.
  • Auto-update of planned delivery dates for each process of the respective Work Orders mapped with customer delivery dates.
  • Individual dashboards for production, management, and quality teams.
  • Customized filter options for the project.
  • Efficient individual resource module.
  • Separate dashboard for open work orders.
  • A detailed search for complete data with additional filters and templates which can be saved as per user requirement.
  • Notifications scroll for individual projects.

Technical Features Overview

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