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Virtual Collaboration

How to collaborate in a virtual environment

International value flows, teams distributed across the globe and the need for more flexible working hours and locations in the context of New Work require a working environment that creates a virtual proximity despite physical distance. Due to the events and legal regulations in the context of the Corona crisis in spring 2020, the need for pragmatic, practical and fast solutions for virtual collaboration is increasing in many areas.

Learn more about how teams can work, meet and learn productively, stably and emotionally connected – even in times of physical distance.

Podcast "Virtual collaboration made easy"

How can virtual meetings and work in distributed teams be better moderated and less exhausting? This podcast episodes point to the opportunities that arise from virtual collaboration.

  1. Turning a problem into an opportunity (German)
    Are you currently forced by the circumstances to work virtually? And are you facing one or two problems? Our colleagues try to wring some opportunities out of the challenges you may encounter.
    (Listen to the podcast at any time on Spotify and iTunes)

  2. Moderator of a virtual meeting (German)
    If you, as the host and facilitator of a virtual meeting, you pay attention to a few small yet important things, an online meeting will then also become an efficient, varied goal-oriented and varied working session.
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  3. Virtual Daily (German)
    A virtual team – distributed across different locations and home offices – needs rhythm and transparency. The virtual daily help.
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  4. The Working environment of a virtual team (German)
    Suddenly virtual? Tools and software solutions help you to organize your work. But the tools must fit the needs of the team and rules should be agreed upon for making the most of them. Here, we give some good examples.
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  5. Two weeks in a virtual team – a first assessment (German)
    Colin and Lisa are looking back on their first experiences in the virtual team. What went well? What was definitely to be improved? They focus on the working environment and its effects on team dynamics and talk about the results achieved and the limits of the virtual environment.
    (Listen to the podcast at any time on Spotify and iTunes)
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Virtual Trainings

Interactive collaboration on the digital whiteboard, group work and discussion, instead of mono directional lectures. You want to learn more about Agile Leadership, Scrum Basics and Virtual Facilitation? We add virtual in-house trainings on top!

If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact us! Moreover, we are constantly expanding this offer.

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