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Virtual SYMA® Forum

Meet us

Our SYMA® Forum is breaking new ground this year due to Corona: As experience shows that this is quite a big event and we want to be on the safe side, we offer a virtual Fish Bowl! The whole event is free of charge for all participants and vouchers from the SYMA® participation will remain valid. In a casual 3-hour exchange we will on the one hand deal with the topic SCP, more precisely trust and closeness in home office times. On the other hand we would of course like to know how you and your team deal with the unprecedented situation.

Target audience

  • Former SYMA® participants


  • Networking with interesting hosts and participants
  • Gaining an exclusive insight into challenges that other organizations are facing
  • Using the OSTO system model
  • Discussing current trends and developments with experts

Time frame

  • 3 hours