Authentic Leadership

Agile Experience Format

We offer you 3 days in distance to your everyday life and work environment – experience on an individual level how to lead in a balanced and authentic way. The key element of the seminar is dynamic self-awareness – your movements while arrow shooting, walking or climbing are the dynamic basis for self reflection and awareness training.

Target audience

  • Experienced executives who want to learn more about themselves and their own leadership style beyond standard concepts
  • Managers who want to develop their communication and leadership competences by vivid exchanges
  • Employees who want to dynamically develop with heart and head as well as hand and feet


  • Discover your field of action, reflect your leadership behavior and develop an individual, resource-oriented leadership style by vivid exchanges
  • Personal development beyond standardized leadership models
  • Perceive / control your own behavior and its effects more profoundly
  • Feel safer when dealing with complex problems and related work and leadership situations

Time frame

  • 3 days

Write us if you are interested.