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Training & Learning Experiences

Experience, understanding, learning and enabling.

Our learning experiences enable YOU!

Digital transformation, agility, disruption and complexity: these are just a few of the trends and keywords currently influencing or even determining our daily business.

Our first-hand practical seminars and learning experiences are designed to help you, your employees and teams prepare for specific challenges and the consequent changes within your organization in a continuously shifting environment. Our trainings aim at increasing your ability to act in your dynamic day-to-day operations.

Furthermore, you can improve your understanding and awareness of complexity and interrelations within organizations. You will gain a toolkit and a new perspective of how to win over your employees to independently assume new roles and new approaches. Thus, you and your team will be enabled to actively co-design and shape organizational transformations.

Leadership Skills & Change Management

With our professional methods and tools, you can apply the finishing touches to your change manager skill set. Options for action are not only developed, but evaluated and implemented in a concrete way for a sensible and sustainable management. Based on the scientific OSTO System Model we developed a Change Manager Training Program. It consists of the 4 modules SYMA® A, Diagnosis & Redesign, Change Success and SYMA® B plus a presentation. Usually, the training program starts with our SYMA® A seminar. Nonetheless, all modules can be booked separately as well.

Our trainings Leadership School and Team Forge are not part of the Change Manager Training Program, but still aim to help managers develop their role.

Agile Experience Formats

Our work environment is becoming increasingly dynamic. Therefore, it is more and more important to have an agile mindset. We will give you the necessary skills to meet today’s and future requirements and succeed as a responsible manager – in a practical and experience-oriented way. Currently, we are offering our agile formats in-house. Write us if you are interested.

Generalistic Trainings

Apart from agile and management trainings, we also provide basic qualifications that are interesting for employees of all levels of hierarchy. Write us if you are interested.