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umlaut TecDraw graphical user interface (UI) provides the richest, most efficient user experience for technical illustrators.

When it comes to technical illustration tools, users face various challenges in the daily working routine:

  • There are little ‘easy to learn’ and intuitive interfaces on the market.
  • There are not many tools, which consider the ‘user comfort’ and customisations along with providing flexibility to change the shortcuts and gestures.
  • Currently the tools available in the market require of considerable manual efforts and time to create technical illustrations, as they require the user to do the manual tracing.
  • There is no tool that provides the user flexible and seamless UI experience when working with multiple documents simultaneously.

As a result, most companies spend huge amounts of money on powerful hardware even after purchasing the technical Illustration tools, in order to get the process more convenient. umlaut TecDraw addresses those challenges and makes technical illustration more suitable.

A powerful tool with an auto-trace algorithm

The tool is a versatile, easy-to-use and affordable solution for technical illustration authoring across various industries. It is essentially used for creating detailed technical illustrations with precision and control, from project creation and authoring, to the publishing of technical documentation.

The illustrator comes with a powerful auto-trace algorithm, which can trace any type of geometry from Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM) files within no time and replaces manual and tedious tracing tasks. But the auto tracing option does not simply recreate all the geometry. Its intelligent algorithm allows to identify and eliminate any kind of duplicate geometries like overlapping and continuous lines. The algorithm also identifies all the polylines which can be formed as the ellipses and converts them to ellipses effortlessly.

Like that, the auto-tracing option significantly reduces the amount of data stored in the file without compromising on the accuracy.

How umlaut TecDraw helps to improve technical illustration

  • Short learning curve due to its intuitiveness.
  • No more manual and tedious tracing tasks for technical illustrations.
  • Flexible definition of standards, that can be easily configured.
  • Scope for customisation though plug ins.

Besides, this tool is built and incorporated with all the standards followed by major aerospace companies and applications.

The features of umlaut TecDraw in detail

Further features

  • Comes with powerful auto-tracing capabilities, which significantly reduces the time and effort of the illustrator.
  • Orthographic and axonometric drawing features, axonometric to orthographic and orthographic to axonometric conversions.
  • Custom selections, grouping and hotspots creation. Simply click and drag rectangle to indicate hotspot or select group of objects to create a hotspot for entire group.
  • It comes with geometry editing options like modify objects, align actions, constraints, text graphic properties and line graphic properties.
  • Support for different types of grids like line grid and dot grid.
  • Cursor – It comes with two different cursors 1. orthographic, and 2. axonometric
  • The tool supports multiple document windows to work at a same time and easy switch between the documents with the tab control.

Other features

  • Customizable add-ins according to industry standards
  • Offers completed customization of the UI with the options to change the keyboard and mouse shortcuts.
  • The tool also offers to integrate any existing component libraries for the easy access.
  • Import and export raster image formats

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