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Ziggo is the winner of our first Fixed-Line broadband benchmark in the Netherlands

With a score of 947 out of 1000 points and an overall rating of "very good", Ziggo is the overall winner in our benchmark

Aachen, 2022/01/25 - In addition to our many mobile benchmarks over the past few years, in 2022 we analysed the fixed network connections in the Netherlands for the first time together with connect magazine. In addition to the nationwide rating, we reviewed the larger Dutch provinces to determine the best local operators.

Vodafone subsidiary Ziggo wins this crowd benchmark, especially with the best active download and passive upload ratings. With very good nationwide results, Ziggo can also convince in the local provinces of Gelderland, Noord Holland and Utrecht. There, it even achieves the grade "outstanding". KPN takes second place with strong results in the active download tests, passive download assesments in the basic and HD video speed classes as well as in the latency for the Highend gaming class. In addition, they achieve the grade "outstanding" in the province of Limburg. T-Mobile takes third place with particularly good results for latency in the Highend gaming class. In the province of Overijssel, they receive the grade "outstanding". Fourth place goes to Tele2, which shows some strengths in terms of latencies.

Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication at umlaut: "Congratulations to Vodafone-Ziggo for winning the 2022 umlaut connect Fixed-Line Broadband Benchmark in the Netherlands! Our assessment shows that great efforts in enhanced the fixed-line network expansion are worthwhile in order to offer customers reliability, high data rates and low latencies. The results achieved by KPN and T-Mobile are also very convincing and absolutely deserve the awarded grade “very good“. Tele2 shows some opportunity for improvement, but still reaches a good result. Overall, Dutch customers can be quite pleased with the user experience of their fixed-line connections."

Read the entire report here!

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