umlaut X-Lite Freighter


X-Lite Freighter featuring Cabin-Cargo-Trolleys

umlaut develops a cabin-cargo-trolley that can be loaded offsite the aircraft, boarded through the passenger door, and transfer its loads to the seat tracks.

Munich, 2020/06/18 – The impact of COVID-19 on the aerospace industry has shown its vulnerability to outer influences. With current air traffic movements mainly driven by passenger demand, air cargo capacity is suffering under the grounding of passenger aircraft and its current utilization. Considering the significant growth of air cargo main driver e-commerce with 20% p.a. - a massive request for solutions to transport cargo in the cabin is the result. However, today’s solutions like seat-bags, nets, or pallets on floors suffer on long turnarounds, inefficient cargo handling, or damages at parcels and seats.

Flexible, fast and reversible: X-Lite Freighter
Our new X-Lite Freighter solution features cabin-cargo-trolleys, that can be loaded offsite the aircraft, boarded through the passenger door and locked into the existing seat tracks. ‘This solution overcomes the limitations of the current cabin-cargo solutions available in the market, and enables efficient cargo handling and fast turnarounds’, Dr. Jürgen Wittmann, Director at umlaut says. ‘Thus, we can offer a sustainable end-to-end solution that helps operators to increase the profitability of their aircraft through a flexible, fast, and reversible cabin reconfiguration that enables additional freight capacities - ideal to fulfill current and future e-commerce demands’, he adds.

umlaut X-Lite Freighter

umlaut's modular cabin-cargo-solution with light-weight aluminium and a cabin adapted outer moldline. With its standard x-lock units the trolley fits perfectly to the seat track.

Biggest potential on existing single-aisle aircraft
With our solution, we focus on the growth of the e-commerce cargo market. The X-lite Freighter is designed to serve a variety of customer expectations such as fast delivery under 48h, clear traceability along the logistic chain, or cost reduction through logistics optimization. Addressing all these requirements with our solution has the potential to shift the focus of cargo operations from hub to point-to-point operations. A shift that is supported by the large availability of existing single-aisle aircraft like A320, B737, or B757.

New business potential and transport capabilities - even beyond COVID-19:

  • Reversible and fast adaptation of passenger cabins for cabin-cargo demands by simply removing seats and storing them safely.
  • Additional flexibility to operators through a reconfiguration of aircraft cabins to optimize aircraft utilization - even with mixed configuration.
  • Short lead time for reconfiguration under 6 hours at regular parking position of any airport.
  • Sustainable and efficient end-to-end integration in existing aircraft ground handling and logistic chains.
  • The industrywide rollout of the X-Lite Freighter possible within the next 4 months.

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