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In one case, one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers worked with ‘SQCDP’, a typical project management method for manufacturers, which was previously only processed manually, by whiteboards, pen & paper. But the paper method was subject to limitations: Results and information could not be stored and measured online and in one place. Additionally, in times of covid-19 the eye-to-eye and flipchart team meetings had to switch to digital tools.

Tailor-made software development provides the solution

With the help of our software development team, we implemented these SQCDP processes and methods fully automatic into their customer software solutions – on top with central data management, simple user-friendly interfaces and dashboards.
For central storage and availability, we developed an extension to their well-established Microsoft SharePoint. They got digital support for the periodic team rounds through a simple and easy to handle user interface. Moreover team managers gain a central overview for analysis and possible mitigations.

The app is meanwhile used by thousands of our customers’ employees. They are able to manage their periodical team rounds digitally, store the KPIs on a central place and use the benefits of SharePoint for data processing.

If you are interested in this special solution, ask our team for the Sitetemplate or the SharePoint AddIn.

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