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umlaut to partner with PTC - the global market leader in IoT platform and technologies

2020/04/17 - As of today, we cooperate with PTC to offer you true end-to-end IoT solutions in the manufacturing sector. By combining the best out of two worlds – consulting and software – our clients are getting something on top with smart, interconnected factories based on IoT applications.

Predictive maintenance, closed-loop manufacturing control and real-time track & trace applications – these are just a few typical use cases enabled by the joint and holistic Industry 4.0 approach of umlaut and PTC.

Based on the IoT Platform ThingWorx, we can fully connect your shop floor with interacting sensors, assets, employees (wearables) and machines. Our promise: In less than 6 weeks after the process acquisition we will achieve the first measurable increase in added value. Because ThingWorx is perfectly scalable, flexible and secure long-time success after implementation is guaranteed.

Together, umlaut and PTC are set to change the entire manufacturing landscape of your company.

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