Video chat applications tested: How secure and reliable are Zoom and others, really?

In our continued successful cooperation with connect, we put eight popular video chat applications under the spotlight.

2020/06/26 - In times of the Covid-19 crisis, more and more importance is being attached to virtual communication, as personal meetings are only possible to a limited extent. When working in a home office, you can't do without video conferences and online meetings if you want to stay in touch with colleagues. But even in online meetings it is important that sensitive and personal information is treated confidentially and the security of the video conference platforms is guaranteed. For this reason, we have intensively tested eight different video chat platforms in six different areas for their security, in cooperation with connect.

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Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication at umlaut, says: "Recently, video conferencing has been in great demand to enable companies to continue their business activities. In cooperation with connect magazine we have evaluated customer experience, functions and security when using different video conferencing solutions. Congratulations to Zoom as the overall winner and to Blizz, the winner of our security comparison.”

Zoom has a very good overall rating from the test winners among the video conferencing platforms and scores particularly well on functionality and ease of use. Closely followed in second place with only a few points difference is Microsoft Teams and convinces with very good security and the best equipment. Teamviewer Blizz scores best in the areas of handling and security.

Of the eight video conferencing platforms tested, Zoom and Teams acheived the grade "very good", Cisco, Google GoToMeetings, Skype and Blizz receivedthe grade "good", only Jitsi and Rakuten graded as "satisfactory".

Joachim Bley, connect author, confirms: "Contrary to initial fears, the security of the video chat desktop applications we examined is overall pleasingly good. But it is also clear that all test candidates are still - more or less - far from the ideal of 100% security. And since providers are constantly adapting their popular communication services, software tests can only be a snapshot anyway. There is only one thing that helps here: Always take a close look again. And we will continue to do so in the future."

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