umlaut supporting PUMAc-Fx in the development of a hydrogen turbine with power unit

2020/10/21 - umlaut is part of the Aachen innovation alliance PUMAc-Fx (Power Units Made in Aachen – Fuel X), which has set itself the goal of developing an ultra-light hydrogen gas turbine unit for power generation for mobile and decentralised stationary applications. Possible applications include power generation for a booster in aviation, where the technology can be used as a direct drive without a generator.

Together with other highly specialised partners, a concept will first be drawn up, which will be followed by a three-year implementation phase with the focus on system and component development. umlaut will primarily provide support in the form of strategic expertise as well as market and potential analyses to evaluate possible applications – for example in aviation and in the transport & logistics sector. "Here we have the opportunity to contribute our experience in the hydrogen value chain to an ecologically valuable project that aims to achieve global climate goals. In addition, we will gain more experience with the application of the technology in fields that have not yet been sufficiently addressed, such as aviation", says Patrick Wienert, Head of Hydrogen at umlaut. Jens Dickhoff, Project Lead at PUMAc-Fx: "With the help of umlaut's expertise, we can align our research project optimally with current market needs, i.e. according to demand and specific possible industry applications".

PUMAc-Fx is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the RUBIN funding program, initially for a seven-month concept phase. In the long term, the research project aims to promote the creation of a sustainable development and production cluster in the Aachen region.

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