man in a car, using Alexa


umlaut brings Alexa Voice Services into Cars

2019/01/25 – We are collaborating with Amazon Alexa Automotive to provide system integration and testing services for automakers integrating Alexa into their vehicles.

AACHEN, January, 2019 - In addition to demonstrating voice recognition access to Alexa features and capabilities like music, weather, and traffic, this new technology will allow drivers to ask Alexa vehicle specific information, such as vehicle alerts, instructions on corrective action, and even taking care of service scheduling.

“By integrating Alexa into the vehicle, we believe we can make the in-car experience simpler, more productive, and more entertaining for our customers. We’re excited to be working with umlaut to deliver new, vehicle-specific features and capabilities to Alexa, and to make it easier for automakers and suppliers to embed Alexa into their vehicles.” said Ned Curic, VP of Alexa Auto at Amazon.

“This is where we need to be in terms of Voice Recognition capabilities and in making today’s drive and vehicle ownership a truly positive experience,” said umlaut Managing Partner Philip Potkowski. “This is an example of how we are committed to providing clients with a truly end-to-end experience, from strategy consulting through development and implementation,” added Potkowski.