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umlaut and Innoloft cooperate in innovation management for energy companies

Aachen, 2020/12/08 – umlaut and the tech ecosystem Innoloft have entered into a cooperation agreement to support companies in the energy industry with innovation management. This means that innovation management services from conception to implementation of operational scouting & screening as well as the provision of innovation ecosystems are offered from one single source.

umlaut brings extensive expertise in technology and management consulting as well as in the establishment of innovation units to the cooperation. In addition to its innovation network, Innoloft supplies the Digital Innovation Assistant, a tool for automating innovation and technology scouting.

“The transformation of the energy system – be it through technological change or political and regulatory requirements – leads to considerable pressure on the entire value chain, which can only be reduced in the long term through innovation. The impending gaps in revenues can often only be closed by new business models, and the blurring of industry boundaries and an increasingly confusing competitive landscape make external stimuli necessary. By cooperating with Innoloft, we are now closing the innovation gap even more consistently with our usual end-to-end thinking,” says Jonas Kampik, Managing Director at umlaut.

Smaller firms in particular rarely have their own innovation department or have only limited resources to deal with new technologies and business models. As a result, they miss out on trends and opportunities to develop attractive business models with new solutions. This is where the joint solution from umlaut and Innoloft comes in. The cooperation serves as an enabler to make it easier for companies to access the huge innovation potential in the Innoloft ecosystem and to allow them to evaluate and, above all, implement new business models.

“We have noticed that, for capacity reasons, the topic of innovation often takes a back seat in everyday business. Every week, our Digital Innovation Assistant sends the respective employees in the company an innovation idea that is just right for them. This means that companies are constantly confronted with the topic of innovation,” says Sven Pietsch, Chief Executive Officer at Innoloft. “We obtain our ideas from our global network of technology suppliers, start-ups and research institutes. umlaut then supports companies in the evaluation and implementation process.”

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