university clinic


Transparency is the key

Organizational diagnosis & re-design.

A university clinic probably exceeds the complexity of most DAX-listed corporations. Here, people with the most different professions work together closely, profit-driven health care comes upon publicly funded research and teaching, and teamwork meets classic hierarchies. And mostly it’s a matter of life and death.

The managing director of one renowned university clinic asked us to provide “full transparency of the processes in the outpatients department”. His main question was: “How can we strengthen cooperation und sustainably improve our performance?”

Comprehensive anamnesis

umlaut made an exemplary diagnosis of one department. Almost as if we were examining a patient whose symptoms were yet unclear. Our organizational diagnosis is based on a systemic model (OSTO system model). This approach examines not only what isn’t running smoothly, but rather WHY organizations work the way they do.

With this profound theoretical basis, umlaut carved out a picture of the whole university clinic as we spoke to head doctors, nursing students, but also receptionists, authorized officers and work committees in the same time. It is the best way to understand and optimize all processes. This step in itself resembles a breach of taboo within a hospital organization as it consequently encourages a transformation process on the part of all concerned, when they usually operate as totally separate entities.

umlaut transformation

Not only did we develop strategic recommendations on the future direction of the university clinic, but we also provided specific small solutions, e.g., the reduction of waiting times by smarter patient appointments and duty rosters which could then be adjusted accordingly.

But most importantly, umlaut helped changing the mind-set of the organization towards progressively opening their Silo Mentality.