sparkling future champagne bottles

Yoko Correia Nishimiya


To a sparkling future

How do you manage to stay informed about all the projects in the company? Even more: to accompany and control them centrally? A sparkling wine producer was faced with that task and involved us.

Overview of processes is only possible if all project participants synchronize their actions and all information flow together in one place. The employees of a well-known German sparkling wine producer learned from umlaut how to do this and, above all, how to run successfully in the long term - the journey was worthwhile.

The food industry is not an easy one: While the latest trends come and go, start-ups sprout from the ground and attract attention with great social media hype, the main thing is to stay "in tune" with the trend and at the same time build consumer confidence through consistency. A balancing act between tradition and trend.

The CEO of a well-known sparkling wine producer recognizes the opportunity in the context of a generational change in his company and starts a future-oriented strategy process together with his team. The goal: To consolidate market shares in Germany and additionally expand internationally.

Status quo? Unknown

Two years later - the projects are running quite successfully, but the management does not have enough overview or influence to strategically align all measures towards a common goal. The CEO gets in touch with umlaut. A solution is needed that creates transparency and at the same time actively promotes compliance with the goals.

Step one: The project office

If an overview is missing, a place where all threads and information come together is needed. With the establishment of a company-wide project office on umlaut's recommendation, all information finally end up in one central place. The progress and milestones of current projects are recorded, jointly prioritized and centrally controlled.

Step two: Training

Classic project management alone often does not have the potential to get people going. How can everyone stay on the ball in the long term to work together towards the defined goals?
The umlaut consulting team chooses the combination of classic and agile project management and introduces its systemic approach. Training in a holistic project management methodology initially brings everyone up to the same level. It enables the company to take the employees on a common journey. As different as the departments and problems of the individual project members are - now they exchange ideas and work towards common goals.

Proximity instead of distance

Finally, in close proximity to these processes, the management again has insight and control in all ongoing initiatives. A new culture has emerged that offers room for change. The operational level, management and executive board have moved closer together. And what's more: Everyone is now well prepared for future projects and feels capable of successfully mastering future challenges. Degree of maturity: Future-proof!