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The service apps of network operators in test 2022

How well do the service apps of the network operators in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland perform? We checked their functionality and security.

Aachen, 2022/31/08 - Network operators discovered the benefits of digital customer data management a long time ago and offer a host of functions in their service apps.
Compared to last year, the results sepsecially in the area of security have further improved, with none of the candidates crossing the finish line with a grade weaker than "good". Vodafone made a big leap in terms of security – achieving the school grade "very good" this time. Telefónica O2 takes the overall lead, as well in security as functionality and is the test winner in Germany with the highest score in all three countries. Swisscom wins the test in Switzerland but is following closely behind Telefonica with a gap of only two points, having the best rated functionality of all service apps. In Austria, Magenta came out on top.

Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication at umlaut, part of Accenture: "All tested providers offer their customers functional and secure service apps. On a positive note: In more and more cases, the app is also taking on additional transactions and functions. My congratulations this year go to Telefónica, Swisscom and Magenta for winning the nationwide comparisons and to all operators for the positive development in the security subcategory."

Please find the full connect report below.

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