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The next in-vehicle experience: connected digital cockpit

The emergence of digital cockpit will change the automotive industry landscape, including user experience, sales and revenue.

The traditional cockpit has transformed into a digital product, similar to consumer smart devices. In that evolution, car makers are encouraged to transform their R&D and technology approach to stay relevant.

Considering vehicle production cycle, by year 2030 we expect to see a full-scale digitization driven primarily by four mutually reinforcing trends: Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric (CASE) vehicles. OEMs' business will not just finish at the dealership doorstep, rather it will be the beginning of an opportunity for continuous revenue generation while satisfying the digital demand of their future customers.

Connected, Electric and Autonomous vehicles are envisioned as the key-technology trend which will be impacting automotive cockpit in a large scale. The connected car trend is forcing the growth in two key products of cockpit instrument cluster and infotainment which makes up about two-third of the cockpit.

Just like technology has transformed how people communicate, access food, and work remotely, the digital cockpit is changing how we experience cars. Future cockpits play a crucial role in moving towards a more intelligent and personalized in-vehicle experience that is software- and services-oriented, networked, and inter-operable. Technologies such as 5G, edge computing and cloud computing, and self-driving have already started making an impact in the automotive industry – The ideal digital cockpit can consolidate these complex technologies into one access point that is simplified and seamless.

The above transformations of the digital cockpit disrupt how the automotive industry and consumers look at the future car. From the perspective of manufacturers and suppliers, the car is developed as a platform with a scalable system architecture and for consumers it is a digital product – a cousin of its smaller and complimentary smart devices.

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