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The new intelligent HMI Test System - iHTS

Advantages of automated testing solutions and the challenges of testing to offer higher efficiency and reduce cost

Testing methods and solutions need to improve rapidly and this is why we developed an Intelligent Human Machine Interface (HMI) Test System in order to add technology on top for device manufactures. With the ability to perform both remote and automated tests, we offer for the first time a new Intelligent HMI Test System (iHTS) which includes a comprehensive test tool.

Intelligent devices are everyday objects ranging from smartphones to infotainment systems in modern automobiles. In the constantly evolving automotive industry and especially with regard to the user interface, innovative ideas are inevitable. To meet these demands for time-to-market and quality, iHTS is the platform clients should use to meet these requirements with its unique balance between automated execution and end-user interaction.

Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication of umlaut: "The umlaut iHTS offers many extensive benefits over the use of manual testing and other automated solutions. Higher efficiency, reducing costs and time for both framework development as well as test execution make the umlaut iHTS the best solution for our customers."

Colin Goldsmith, Managing Director of umlaut Product Solutions, describes further "with the rapid advancements in automotive technologies, specifically focused on the user interface (UI), innovative approaches are necessary to meet the demands of time to market and quality. iHTS is the platform that meets these demands with its unique balance between automated execution and end user interaction."

Please find the White paper below.

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