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The IP500 standard as IoT radio platform: Safe, robust and with high performance

Our latest analysis shows the advantages compared to other wireless solutions

Aachen, 2020/11/23 - Networking with cables has a long tradition and is considered safe and reliable but it also has limits that the radio network does not have. Mobile workstations, driverless transport vehicles or robots - such IoT applications can only be realized with radio communication.

A radio based IoT networking of sensors and actuators could not be realized on a large scale in commercial buildings so far. The reason for this was that certain conditions had to be created first, which include technical and security aspects as well as the overall solution costs.

In extensive tests under real conditions, umlaut together with the companies DAFÜR in Darmstadt and Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig) has tested the properties and performance of the new IP500 technology. The aim was to verify potential advantages for specific IoT use cases and applications targeting smart city applications and commercial buildings.

Compared to other wireless solutions, IP500 technology indicates following advantages within the commercial buildings IoT market:

  • high security in the transmission,
  • superior robustness,
  • low overall latency performance allowing high number of sensors as part of the solution,
  • low infrastructure costs due to continuous scalability,
  • relatively high range of coverage,
  • low energy consumption,

Test results suggest that IP500 as IoT radio platform combines and fulfils the required key characteristics. The IP500 wireless standard creates a redundant infrastructure in addition to the robust and high-performance networking of all sensors and actuators in commercial buildings. This infrastructure meets the high availability requirements of security applications, which previously only wired infrastructures could meet. This indicates IP500 could indeed present the most promising candidate for industrial applications and commercial buildings.

umlaut has therefore recently joined the IP500 alliance as a member with one particular goal: to address the current IoT market gaps by implementing tailored IP500 based E2E connectivity solutions, for suitable IoT applications and use cases.

Please find the full German article below.

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