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Testing European charging networks

In collaboration with connect magazine, we tested the quality of high-power charging stations (HPC) in six European countries.

2021/11/03 – With the rising number of electric vehicles, the importance of the charging infrastructure is growing. Nearly one in four new cars in Germany is electric, meaning there are now 17 electric vehicles for every charging station. This is why umlaut and connect have jointly subjected it to a comprehensive charging network test for the third time. The test covers EMPs (providers of charging apps and billing solutions) and CPOs (operators of charging points) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

As in the 2020 charging network test, umlaut and connect focused on charging locations that offer high power charging (HPC), which that are relevant for long-distance journeys. In Germany, the test drivers from umlaut covered 3,024 kilometers with 46 charging stops at HPC stations. In Austria, they covered 1,374 kilometers with 19 charging stops. The Swiss route took the test drivers 543 kilometers with 22 charging stops. The routes through the Benelux countries measured 1,942 kilometers with 23 charging stops.

The result: EnBW wins double in Germany, ranking first in the EMP and the CPO category. Ionity secures victory among the CPOs in Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. Fastned ranks first among CPOs in the Netherlands. Among the EMPs, Smatrics wins in Austria and Move in Switzerland. In Luxembourg, where Chargy is the only CPO, no winner was chosen.

“Growing demand is putting the charging infrastructure under increasing strain. Congratulations to EnBW, Ionity and Fastned for managing it coping best in their respective markets. Congratulations to EnBW for also winning in the EMP category,” said Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication at umlaut.

The entire report is available for download here.

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