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Smart Services: technology strategy comes before development

Which technology is future proof? This question is decisive in the development of new digital services and business models. umlaut helps you find the answer.

Work more efficiently and build customer loyalty with smart services

Whether it’s smart electricity meters, digital freight wagons or connected vehicles – almost every sector is focusing on the opportunities offered by digitalisation, and with good reason. The smart networking of things doesn't just create enthusiasm among users, but is already expected as a basic functionality in many areas. It also gives companies a competitive advantage, as it makes them more efficient and therefore economically more successful.

Success factor: technology strategy

For digital services and business models to develop their full potential, there are a few fundamental things that companies need to bear in mind at the outset, regardless of which sector they are in. They should, for example, give careful consideration to their technology strategy. This is especially important because the development cycles in the digital sector are significantly shorter than they are for the vehicles, plants or buildings in which the service will be installed. The technology for smart services must therefore be both future-proof and have a certain level of market maturity. For example, it’s worth considering at an early stage what will happen to a cellular-based service if the existing network technology is replaced by a new generation.

Technology Scouting: these four areas are key

umlaut assesses technologies systematically and helps companies lay the right foundations for their smart services and digital business. Technology Scouting comprises four dimensions:

  1. Technology
    Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, 5G – the list of new technologies is endless. But what is the right basis for which smart service? umlaut experts carry out a detailed investigation and assess which technology will lead to success and when.

  2. User Experience
    The user's perspective is crucial to the success of any good idea, whether it's a new service in a connected car or the automation of warehouse logistics. That's why umlaut always has the user experience in mind when it comes to innovative product ideas.

  3. Business Case
    The economic viability of a project also needs to be examined. In the Business Case, umlaut considers factors such as cost differences in product development which may, for example, result from the use of different technologies.

  4. Regulations
    Data protection, telecommunications legislation, approval procedures, security – anyone planning to offer a new service or connect their product needs to be aware of a multitude of legal regulations. At an early stage, umlaut analyses potential showstoppers from a technical point of view.

As well as Technology Scouting, umlaut experts also offer support with:

  • Conception of digital products

  • Development of prototypes (Hard and Software)

  • Roll-out of digital products

  • Quality management of digital services

  • IT security and processes

Competitive advantage through innovation

With the technological foundation for the new smart service in place, an important step has been taken which will ultimately allow the planned digital product to develop to its full potential. And it isn’t just new digital products that can benefit from Technology Scouting, but also production, sales and the optimisation of internal processes.

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