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Service App Test in Germany

When it comes to prices, mobile discounters are usually ahead of the game. But how good are their service apps?

Aachen, 2022/01/07 - In the area of functionality and usability, all apps scored at least very good. The main differences are in service and security. These are the results of the latest test by connect and umlaut.

Nowadays, self-service via app is the easiest way for many customers to view their data. Adding tariff options, changing addresses, repair services or buying a smartphone are just some of the options that are available. In addition to functionality and service, the security of user data plays a major role in the evaluation.

Overall, all the providers scored at least "good". 1&1 is the overall winner this year with 929 points and a score of "very good". Congstar with 901 points and Blau with 859 points are also "very good".

Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication of umlaut: "Congratulations to 1&1 for the overall victory in this year's test. Compared to last year, 1&1 has improved in all categories, and the top position in the security category is remarkable. smartmobil, yourfone, Congstar and Blau also score well in the overall result and in terms of security."

You can find the connect report here.

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