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User Experience and Security check on the service apps provided by mobile network operators

Range of functions steadily expanded and significantly more options than just a few years ago.

2021/09/03 - The service apps provided by network operators allow mobile phone customers to keep a good overview of their data and their contracts. Together with our partner connect, we tested the apps of the various providers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for functionality and security. While our test results for 2020 were all “good” or “very good” in respect of data security, our analysis this year showed potential for improvement with both Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone. We carried out tests in the following categories: data security, connection security and encryption, loss of integrity and privilege escalation, and security of source code.

In terms of functionality, all the providers showed their strengths – all eight tested apps were assessed as being “outstanding”. When it came to service, none of them showed any weaknesses – five of the eight were also awarded an “outstanding”. Overall, the results were without exception positive. In the final results, six of the eight tested providers were awarded a “very good”.

Hakan Ekmen, CEO of Telecommunications at umlaut: “Congratulations to Swisscom, which has significantly improved its app in terms of security compared to the previous years and has achieved in total the first place in Switzerland as well as in the overall country ranking. Congratulations to Telefónica in Germany and Magenta Telekom in Austria too, for coming out on top in their respective countries. Despite stricter test conditions and new tests, the operators' apps continue to demonstrate a high level of security and functionality."

Please find the full report below for download.

Caglar Ekmen

Caglar Ekmen

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