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Mobile network test 2022

Telekom in Germany, Magenta in Austria and Swisscom in Switzerland are the winners of our mobile network test

Aachen, 2021/11/30 - Together with our long-standing partner connect, we have this year once again carried out our mobile network test, now for the 28th time, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For the eleventh time in a row, Deutsche Telekom is the overall winner in Germany. Magenta has secured first place in Austria for the fourth time now, and Swisscom has achieved first place in Switzerland, likewise for the fourth time.

Telekom wins mobile network test in Germany

As in the previous year, Deutsche Telekom took the overall victory with 944 points and the grade "very good", with only 6 points missing from the top grade "outstanding". They are also ahead of the competition in the tested categories of voice, data and crowdsourcing, as well as in 5G expansion.
Vodafone takes second place with significant improvements in the categories Data and Crowd, achieving their strongest result to date with 913 points and likewise a rating of "very good". With regard to the expansion of their 5G infrastructure, it is clear that they have made significant improvements.
O2 have also achieved their best result to date with 874 points and a rating of "very good", doing particularly well in the categories Language and Crowd. In comparison to the towns and cities, there would appear to be room for improvement in rural areas. This also applies to 5G expansion, which is already well advanced in urban areas. It was great to see that all the providers have made improvements. Performance in German trains continues to be below the level in Switzerland – this is an area where there is clear potential for improvement.

Magenta wins mobile network test in Austria
In Austria, Magenta secured their position as overall winner with 960 points and a rating of "outstanding". They are ahead of the competition in all three main categories. Magenta also performed extremely well in the area of 5G expansion.
A1 also performed well, winning second place for the second year running, with 942 points and a rating of "very good". Their performance is convincing in all categories and they are only a few points behind the winner of the test, Magenta, and well ahead of Drei, who are in third place. In terms of 5G expansion, A1 are well ahead, despite strong competition.
The Hutchison brand, Drei, achieved third place with 886 points and likewise a rating of "very good", and are in fact even ahead of A1 in Crowdsourcing. Despite only gaining third place, Drei produced consistently convincing results and have made good progress in terms of 5G expansion in Austria.

Swisscom wins mobile network test in Switzerland
As in previous years, Swisscom were able to secure their place at the top with the highest number of points in this year's test season. With 976 points and a rating of "outstanding", they are just ahead of Sunrise in all the categories tested.
Sunrise takes second place, just behind the winner, with a convincing performance, likewise with a rating of "outstanding". In terms of 5G expansion and 5G data rates, Sunrise comes out on top.
With a comparable performance to last year, Salt achieved a rating of "very good" with a total of 930 points. When it comes to 5G expansion, they have made significant progress and have performed well.

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Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunications at umlaut: "Congratulations to all mobile users who are the actual winners of this year's connect magazine network test. All operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have improved their networks considerably in international comparison. The results of our 5G measurements, especially in Switzerland, are impressive - in addition to high data rates for 5G users, we see great improvements in the 5G network expansion. We eagerly await the further development in the upcoming year."

The measurements in Germany were taken between 22 Oct and 4 Nov 2021, in Austria from 9 Oct to 18 Oct 2021 and in Switzerland from 21 Oct to 30 Oct 2021. The telephone and data measurements were carried out using drive tests in large and small towns and cities, as well as on connecting routes. In addition to these, we also carried out walk tests in areas with a high throughput of people such as station halls, airport terminals, cafés, museums and on public transport. The programme for the walk tests also included journeys on long distance train routes.

For the crowdsourcing analyses in Germany, around 1.7 billion individual measured values were analysed. This takes into account 99.8% of the population. For Austria, around 262 million samples were evaluated, which is again equivalent to 99.8% of the population. The figures for Switzerland: around 260 million samples, corresponding to a coverage of 99.9% of the Swiss population.

In addition to this, we did a breakdown of the results for five major German cities. Telekom wins in Berlin with 670 out of a possible 700 points and a rating of "outstanding". In Frankfurt am Main, Vodafone is the winner of the test with 676 points, likewise with a rating of "outstanding". The overall winner in Hamburg is Telekom with 674 points and a rating of "outstanding". In Cologne, Telekom is again the winner, with 680 points and a rating of "outstanding". Telefónica wins in Munich with 672 points and a rating of "outstanding" in our mobile network test.

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