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A ünique MedEvac solution

Embraer announces Phenom 300MED, which is also available for retrofit, through a partnership with umlaut and Aerolite.

2020/08/04 - We are happy to be part of a strong partnership between Embraer, Aerolite and umlaut. Together, we just announced the Phenom 300MED, a unique solution for Phenom 300 series aircraft, which is also available for retrofit. Embraer and umlaut are jointly developing and certifying a new supplemental type certificate (STC) utilizing Aerolite equipment.

Together, Embraer and umlaut are developing a comprehensive set of configuration alternatives for the Phenom 300MED, which will feature either one or two stretchers, as well as the ability to carry an incubator and additional medical equipment. The aircraft will also feature hospital-grade trim and finishing. As a purpose-built MedEvac solution, created in collaboration with the leading companies in the industry, the Phenom 300MED is designed to be quickly and easily configured to meet the various needs of both healthcare providers and patients.

'umlaut is known for generating full service, cross-industry, and end-to-end solutions. Now, we are combining Embraer and umlaut’s strong competencies in aircraft engineering, refurbishment, and certification know-how to bring an unprecedented solution to the market. Together with Aerolite’s state-of-the-art aeromedical equipment, we will deliver a solution that will transcend the current market. Designed from the ground up, this new solution will offer a hospital-grade interior with the flexibility for configuration and reconfiguration that simply isn’t available today,' says Tobias Geißinger, Managing Director of umlaut.

Read the full press release here.

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