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Hydrogen generation coupled with the electricity market

The production of hydrogen by means of electrolysis results in a strong interaction between the electricity and hydrogen markets.

The goal of producing green hydrogen by means of electrolysis also nationally requires the connection of electrolysers to the public power grid.

This creates a direct link between the electricity and hydrogen market through an economic combination of electricity and hydrogen prices in the operating strategy of the electrolysers. It is therefore important to analyse which prices can be achieved for hydrogen under the current conditions of the electricity market. It must also be considered from which sales price of hydrogen electrolysers can be operated economically.

The operating strategy of the electrolysers is also heavily dependent on the legal and regulatory requirements in the energy industry.

In this study, umlaut in cooperation with MAON examined these questions based on a fundamental electricity market simulation up to the year 2030. The results show relevant to-dos for politics to enable a market for nationally produced green hydrogen. This includes the abolition or new regulations for levies as well as guarantees of origin or certificates for the different colors of hydrogen.

For the operators of electrolysers an economic operation is only possible when higher full load hours are achieved than will be possible in the future solely through the use of so-called "excess electricity".

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