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Help is there

Telehealthcare enables emergency services to rescue more lives

In the course of the extensive digitalization of rescue services, the importance of telemedicine is increasing, but so are the demands placed on it. In addition to reliability and safety, emergency services above all require simple usability within established work processes.

Next level first response

The tele medic service is a complete tele medical solution that has proven itself in regular rescue services since 2014. It aims at securing the competences of rescue teams on duty by making medical expertise directly accessible at the scene of an emergency. Via audio communication and vital data, photo and video transmission through our mobile communication unit, the tele medic supports rescue teams at the scene of an emergency. Developed for the specific conditions of emergency missions, our communication technology sets standards in terms of reliability and usability. It enables the prioritization of crucial applications and guarantees reliable access by choosing the locally best available network for data and voice transfer. Reduced weight and a secure mounting - directly to the ECG monitor as a central piece of equipment for patient treatment - offers a maximum of mobility. But the tele medic service is far more than a new technology – the digital support process is based not least on a proven process model and a high-quality training program for paramedics and medics.

Connected and accelerated rescues

After a brief assessment of the patient’s condition, the paramedics on scene contact the tele medic via headset and ensure the transfer of all mission-relevant information along a designated guideline. By opening a mission documentation, the live vital data from the patient is automatically transferred to the tele medic. Photo and video transfer help the tele medic to perfectly assess the situation on scene. The documentation software leads the medic through the mission and guarantees a complete documentation of every delegated action. Digitally preserved up-to-date and location-specific guidelines help the tele medic to assure the right diagnosis and the patient’s best possible treatment.

To accelerate the transfer to the target hospital and to assure the necessary competences are at hand upon the patient’s arrival, all digitally collected information and data is combined into an electronic patient record, that is transferred directly to the designated hospital. Thus, clinical nurses and doctors can gain life-saving minutes and provide the appropriate competencies upon the patients’ arrival at the clinic.

Proven in action

Through this additional digitally available rescue resource complementing mobile and flying emergency physicians, over 30.000 rescue operations have already been carried out by our tele medic service. The tele medic compensates additional needs of emergency resources in urban as well as rural regions and relieves the overall rescue sector significantly.

The success of digitization in the health sector is measured by the process quality of its application and not least by the resulting quality of care. The tele medic system has proven its quality by creating every day ad-hoc networks of medical competencies within seconds, by giving on-duty rescue teams safety and certainty in their actions and thus bringing the best possible emergency care to patients in need.

Forward-thinking for forward-thinkers

Our ambition is to support professional life-savers in their everyday work with nothing less than the smartest, lightest and safest telemedical solution for rescue services – this has been driving our development activities in this field for more than 12 years now. And it has motivated us to become a professional service and training provider for forward-thinking rescue services.