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German MVNOs in check

All providers with good networks and improved security of their service apps

Aachen, 2020/11/05 - Together with connect magazine, we have evaluated which MVNO in Germany has the best service and which apps offer the highest security and the best service.

Many users choose a MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operators. However, the operators do not have their own networks, but use one of the three existing mobile networks of Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica. However, if you take advantage of the offer of a cheaper operator, you have to expect restrictions, such as maximum data rates. In this year's MVNO test, we analyzed together with connect which operators offer the best network. We found that they all scored at least "good". The best networks are offered by Mobilcom-Debitel, Congstar and Otelo.

Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication of umlaut: "Comprehensive changes in the framework conditions in the market have led to a clearly different picture than in our MVNO test from the previous year. Congratulations to the three top ranked Mobilcom-Debitel, Congstar and Otelo. However, the overall high level of all results is very pleasing."

Furthermore, a functional app is an important key to customer satisfaction. Of course, the security of customer data is also essential in this area. For this reason, with our partner connect, we have conducted a comprehensive security check of the MVNO apps. The results are pleasing. There is no breakdown in security. Almost all of them scored "good" - the Telefónica brand Blau and Lidl even scored "very good". This means that Blau also took the overall win. During the check, all applications were tested in the following four security categories: Data protection, connection security and encryption, identity theft and security of the source code. The attack scenarios were based on the guidelines for secure programming of apps issued by the German Federal Office for Information Security and of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP).

Hakan Ekmen further comments: "Congratulations to Blau for the overall win in this test and Blau and Lidl, who score the highest on security. I am very pleased that most MVNOs have done their homework from the last test and, above all, have further improved the security of their service apps".

The two connect reports can be found below.

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