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The BridgeNow Academy in Bangalore

umlaut’s stand-out differentiator for clients is the real-end-to-end value adding delivery from start to finish.

Our capability to fulfil this promise, nevertheless, is solely down to our people. Their capabilities and vast amount of experience and expertise, their professionalism, pragmatism and attitude are unparalleled in the industry.

Both our unique positioning and our ambitious plans for the future depend on retaining our people. And finding the next generations of their kind.

The problem is that rookies, fresh from university, often lack the required practical skills necessary to be of immediate use to engineering companies. Academic education rarely includes industry specific know-how and the appropriate level of knowledge on engineering tools. The chance of graduates instantly finding employment in the aerospace or automotive sectors, for example, is therefore fairly small.

Add to that the problems OEM’s and engineering service providers face ramping up skilled resources and finding funds for internal training programs and there is a clear need for more industry-ready talents.

We decided to do something about the situation and bridge the gap between university and economy. And we came up with the idea of growing tomorrow’s real-end-to-end specialists from grassroots level upwards ourselves.

umlaut’s BridgeNow Academy in India is our first own training centre for talent development. It specialises in giving industry rookies the practical experience, the technical knowledge, the operational tools and an approach of behavioural traits needed within the industry to enable them to contribute to the end-to-end process in a value adding way from day one, and grow personally and professionally within umlaut, our business environments and even our clients’ corporations.

The Academy in Bangalore – with its dedicated faculty members and complete lab facilities – is the first of hopefully many more to follow.

Our initiative is beneficial not only to the company, but also to our clients, our competitors, the local economy and local communities as well. That is why the Indian Government is supporting the academy. We are an approved training partner of the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), an implementing agency formed on a Public-Private Partnership model by the Indian Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE). Under this partnership we conduct state government and veterans’ skill development missions, including unique job-linked training programs for Indian Air Force veterans and work onCSR programs along with corporate and public sector companies.

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