From coverage measurements to business intelligence

Real end-to-end data analytics.

True story! umlaut generates 5 billion data points a day! The trick is a small piece of software that has been integrated in several smart phone apps. And helps us see and understand the global digital network infrastructure.

Data is great. If you are capable of going beyond crowd sourcing and collecting it, that is.

We do. First, we cleanse it. And then we start talking to it. Which is not as easy as it sounds. Because it gives you useless answers if you ask vague or wrong questions.

Details make the difference

If you’re analysing network coverage, for example, you can ask data how good connectivity is and how fast it travels in specific places, at specific moments or over time, whether it’s relying on 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and so on, and which networks are being used. We do a lot of that all over the world. It’s called public benchmarking, and we evaluate and improve the network coverage in more than 75 countries.

But with all this data there is so much more that we can learn than just the quality of communication. Because, of course, you can break down the big picture into lots of smaller ones, like public areas, shopping malls, airports and trains stations, you name it. And then, over time, zoom in and find knowledge that goes a lot deeper, for example into the movement and habits of specific types of groups. All of a sudden, we are generating insights that translate into real business intelligence. And not just for network providers.

Intelligence you can bank on

For instance, we can deduct favourable positions – within districts, roads, or even in malls - to locate a new business from data that give us insights into the movement and behaviour of specific target groups and that reveal the places and times the highest densities can be expected. This information is relevant to real estate investors and retailers alike.

In the same way, we help car sharing services optimise the distribution of the fleet. Or we can analyse the mobility characteristics of luxury electric car owners to conclude the best places to position charging stations and consequently add to the manufacturers’ reputation as a service provider and improve customer user experience at the same time.

End-to-end the way it should be

Crowd sourcing and data collection, data cleansing and business intelligence analysis, it’s all in a day’s work for us and offers endless opportunities from one trusted source.

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