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EE is the winner of the umlaut connect Mobile Benchmark 2022 for the eight time

As in the previous years, BT is the winner achieving the grade “very good“ as the only candidate in this comparison.

Aachen, 2022/12/21 - For the eighth time, together with connect we have conducted our comprehensive benchmark of the mobile networks in the UK in 2022. The BT brand is the winner, this time scoring more than 100 points ahead of the second-ranking Vodafone and achieving the grade “very good“ as the only candidate in this comparison. Vodafone reaches a second place, scoring particularly strong in the voice tests. Three achieves third rank, not too far behind the second-placed Vodafone. Particularly in the data and crowdsourcing results, these contenders score very closely together. The UK‘s largest provider ranks fourth with the overall grade “satisfactory“.

EE‘s lead is in all three test categories, Voice, Data and Crowdsourcing. Also, compared to our previous Mobile Network Test in the UK in 2021, EE managed to improve its score by 14 points to 878 points out of a possible 1,000 with the grade "very good". Vodafone showed the best voice performance in the walktest scenarios with a score of 775 points and the grade "good". Three achieved the biggest score improvement with an advance of 17 score points. They ranked third with 756 points and the grade "good". O2 followed in fourth place scoring on a comparable level in the crowdsourcing category with 676 points and the rating "satisfactory".

UK2022 bar charts Total Score 4to3

Hakan Ekmen, CEO of Telecommunications at umlaut, part of Accenture says: "Congratulations to British Telecom for its brand EE winning our Mobile Network Test in the UK with convincing results in all test disciplines. Vodafone shows good results particularly in the Voice reliability across the country, and Three manages to achieve the highest score improvement compared to our previous test. O2 shows its best results in the crowdsourcing.“

This benchmark also takes a closer look at the UK‘s capital to see how the operators cover this lively centre of business, politics and culture. Furthermore, for the inhabitants of the other large cities in the UK, it is interesting to see how the different operators perform in their areas. Therefore, we performed additional analysis also for Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. EE achieved first place in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. Three took first place in Liverpool.

Find the full report here.

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