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E-Mobility charging tariffs in test

Tesla and Stadtwerke München top our tariff check. In cooperation with connect, we show which provider is the best one for you.

Aachen, 2021/04/07 - “E-car drivers need guidance in choosing the right charging tariff for them. Our analyses show that it is essential to pay very close attention to the terms and conditions depending on one’s own usage behavior,“ explains Hakan Ekmen, Managing Director at umlaut.

Recently, we had tested the charging networks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We took a closer look at the apps of the e-mobility providers, and discovered neither in network nor in app tests are the costs or rates part of the evaluation. Thus, we have implemented the tariff check into our assessment, which has proven itself in mobile communications, for electromobility.

In the manufacturer tariffs, Tesla received the highest score with three "very good" ratings for its offer of "low," "normal" and "high" chargers. BMW Active ranks second with “good” ratings. However, the charging cards of some normal e-mobility providers are cheaper, especially for the user type "infrequent charger,” whom can rely on the “fair” offers of these e-mobility providers. Stadtwerke München, Maingau, EWE and EnBW each score "very good." Stadtwerke München is also represented by "normal loaders" with "very good.” EWE, Maingau and EnBW follow with "good.” The user type "multi-charger" also fares "very well" with Stadtwerke München and finds "good" tariffs with EWE, Maingau and EnBW.

Hannes Rügheimer, connect author, summarises the results of the tariff check: " If you want to drive as cheaply as possible, you need different charging cards for different charging situations. Its really very fair charging prices catapult the "SWM charging card" from Stadtwerke München to the top of the usage scenarios modelled by umlaut and connect. When it comes to the car manufacturers' offers, Tesla is particularly transparent and inexpensive."

You can download the full report below.

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