umlaut digital twin

Virtuäl production process intelligence with high-end visualizätion

How umlaut increases competitiveness and efficiency by implementing an intelligent digital twin to reduce the cost across the entire product lifecycle.

Many companies face outdated, only partially digitized lifecycle processes with limited visualization options. Missing data, no updating of data sets, a lack of links between interdependent processes, and even missing knowledge transfer of process partners increase the challenge of keeping up with the competition.

At umlaut, we have created a solution to encounter those challenges and to make product lifecycles more reliable & efficient: a digital twin based on hyper-realistic visualization.

Digital twinning and visualization

Digital twinning and hyper-realistic visualization are a powerful combination for industrial companies. Going beyond existing visualization methods like CAD programs and integrating multi-layer data enables a wide range of stakeholders to test, check, improve, and optimize their processes. By digitizing the whole process from concept via engineering to manufacturing & aftersales, each step gets more efficient and business more reliable. At the same time, wrong decisions are detected early, planning flaws are reduced, and costs are saved. This leads to a technological advantage already in use for the manufacturing of the new A321 XLR.

How digital twinning works

Within our solution, we digitize the complete process flow of the product lifecycle including high-end visualization of the product, manufacturing equipment, building, complemented with all functional data. The integration of complex simulations such as material flow representations can realistically reproduce the entire manufacturing process. With cloud-based pixel streaming virtual global collaboration is possible as well.

The result is a hyper-realistic representation in which the whole process takes place digitally and enables the validation and optimization of the setup with all relevant details.


  • Cost savings
  • Quality improvement
  • Enhanced transparency by digital visualization of process-chains
  • Reduction of learning-curves
  • Enhanced training solutions
  • Collaborative planning platform for all stakeholders
  • Process-flow optimization
  • Better decision-making through VR/AR representations of the product and its lifecycle
  • Hyper-realistic visualization enables significantly more effective and impressive marketing

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