Connectivity for camping


Connectivity for camping

What about Internet and mobile phone coverage at Europe's most popular campsites? connect, umlaut and the ADAC portal PiNCAMP have tested them.

2020/07/02 - Vacation in times of crisis? Travelling in a camper van is a very good alternative to package tours. Nevertheless, guests do not want to miss comfort and a longer period without internet or even mobile phone is unthinkable for many. That's why we have joined together with connect and the ADAC portal PiNCAMP and tested the 20 most popular campsites in Europe in terms of connectivity.

The top 20 most popular campsites in a total of nine countries were determined by the PiNCAMP camping portal. Using our crowdsourcing methodology, we were able to determine the quality of internet and mobile phone coverage at these campsites.

"Whether reading local news on a smartphone or planning a day trip online, for many people this is part of their personal comfort zone, even on holiday. Our test shows where this works well - but also where the network operators are called upon to improve," says Hakan Ekmen, CEO Telecommunication at umlaut.

The results showed some differences in quality. The best overall result was achieved by Union Lido Vacanze campsite in Italy. But there were also good results in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In total seven sites were rated with the overall mark "good", eight sites with the mark "satisfactory" and five sites with the overall mark "sufficient".

Carsten Cossmann, head of the ADAC e.V. tourism department, confirms: "The ADAC has been investigating trends and needs in camping tourism for many years. So we know that a solid internet supply is indispensable for many campers. However, many campers face the challenge that even with a large investment they would not be able to provide their guests with a good network connection because their sites are located in underserved regions. "

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