Concession Matcher

Automated solution for Non-Conformity Management

Aircraft manufacturers face numerous challenges in meeting with customer demands. One of the important factors that affect their production is non-conformances during the manufacturing process. A non-conformance can be defined as any deviation from the approved design which arises during the manufacturing process. A major nonconformity can impact the production line and render the aircraft from flying. This in turn affects the lead time of their deliveries thereby proving costly for the aircraft manufacturers.

The resolution of concessions through rework/ repair is critical for the aircraft manufacturers to meet with the timely delivery of the aircrafts to their customers. The identified concessions are resolved through engineering judgement and necessary rework/repair done in compliance with the approved guidelines and authority. Handling of non-conformity involves recording, assessments and taking applicable disposition decisions on a Nonconformity-Notification and concession including its attestation and closure.

umlaut has been working with leading European aircraft OEM, in the areas of managing and resolving concessions for more than two decades. However, over the years, the lead time to reduce the concessions became a challenge as it involves repetitive manual tasks of searching similar concessions leading to errors and delays to the customer. This started affecting the final delivery to our end customer. To address the challenge of managing concessions, umlaut engineers across India and Germany developed a new tool which significantly reduced the lead time to solve them. The tool, Concession Matcher, is a search engine developed using neural networks and machine learning by identifying the matching patterns from the available data set. This data set consists of more than 50,000 concessions and its proposed solution applied in the past. A critical element gained by technical expertise and long-term engagement with our customer. Once the relevant details are entered, the tool will search for identical/similar concessions done in the past and fetch the most relevant match based on the inputs given. This helped us to start the preliminary engineering assessment with already available solutions rather than beginning from scratch. And eventually saved considerable amount of time, particularly for complex concessions requiring repair or rework. The design office can now quickly pass the information to the concerned department of the possible repair or rework thereby effectively managing the production line. The tool helped umlaut to turnaround the lead time by almost 25 percent in resolving the non-conformances. umlaut was also able to predict the non-conformities that could arise in the future thereby helping the customer to take necessary steps in preventing them from happening.