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Collaboration between Flying Health and umlaut

Plans to create future-oriented solutions for the healthcare system

Aachen / Berlin, 2020/12/03 – Flying Health, the leading ecosystem for next generation healthcare and umlaut, a global, full-service company with cross-sector expertise which provides consulting and implementation services in the areas of technology and organisation to customers across the globe, have announced their collaboration today. The goal of the collaboration is the joint development of future-oriented, innovative and intelligent solutions for improved healthcare.

This partnership sees Flying Health and umlaut building bridges between industry and the healthcare sector. Flying Health will use its expertise and its network across the healthcare sector, while umlaut’s contribution will above all be its expertise in the area of technology – in particular from the automotive and aviation industries and the telecommunications sector. The main focus of the partnership will be collaborating on new (digital) concepts for the provision of healthcare, as well as a number of new and innovative business models.

'We want to actively shape the future of healthcare – not only by providing advice, but also by implementing our principles, along the entire value creation chain. We envision a refrigerator that tells us which vitamins we are lacking, a car that makes a diagnosis and medication that is prescribed to us on the basis of our genetic profile and delivered to us via drone. Scenarios like these will soon be more than just a vision of the future. These are the kind of things that we hope to create in our work with Flying Health. We're looking forward to it,' says Kai Rahnenführer, Managing Director of umlaut consulting.

'With umlaut, we have gained a partner that has already proven that it can implement the transfer of knowledge across different sectors to create innovative products and new business models,' says Laura Wamprecht, Managing Director of Flying Health, explaining the reasons for the collaboration, and adds: 'We were particularly impressed by umlaut’s development of the Telenotarzt (remote emergency doctor), which leverages mobility and connectivity to ensure improved efficiency in emergency situations. We were also really impressed by its expertise in the use of data. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, umlaut has been evaluating movement data and was able to demonstrate the way in which mobility has reduced as a result of the restrictions that were introduced. It was also able to show how the virus spread in Ischgl (a town in Austria that was a major Covid-19 hotspot) using its own anonymised movement data. It is precisely this mix of engineers, IT experts and management consultants that provides us with such a colourful diversity of skills and knowledge and is just what we need for the development of new concepts and ideas. We're looking forward to working with them.'

Players in the healthcare sector are currently facing a great number of challenges that are arising through new technologies and changes in market conditions. In order to remain competitive in this rapidly evolving market environment, it is important to establish innovations and initiate transformation processes quickly. With this collaboration and the start of a long-term partnership, umlaut and Flying Health have taken the first step towards the future.

About Flying Health
Founded in 2012, Flying Health is the leading ecosystem for next generation healthcare in Europe. At the core of this ecosystem is a well-established expert network consisting of partners from industry, insurances and hospitals on the one side, and digital start-ups on the other side. Over the last years, Flying Health could leverage this network to build-up a unique expertise in the digital health field. Through its network and its expertise, Flying Health offers support to companies in the areas of business model development, corporate strategy and market entry into Europe. The changes, threats and opportunities of digital health technologies are always the centerpiece of the company’s approach. Flying Health is thus actively shaping the future of healthcare. Current partners of the network include Siemens Healthineers, Sana Kliniken AG, AXA, Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson and Essity.